Disability and tax – a guide

Guidance, help and support for anyone taking on a personal assistant.

Tax help

Being an employer, status issues, and other tax matters

Tax status

Employed or self employed?

Setting things up

How to pay your Personal Assistant if you are their employer

Other tax issues

More about tax issues that may affect you

Other help and information

Disability information and resources

Independent living

Explains the different schemes that can help you live independently

Employment Law

If you take on a PA you need to be aware of your employment law responsibilities

Being a carer

Find out about the benefits and tax credits you might be entitled to

For advisers

More about tax issues for professionals and advisers

Play video
Introduction to Disability Tax Guide

Watch a short video here explaining what you can find on our website.

Guides & factsheets

Download or print our guide, factsheets and other useful resources


Payslip Tool

Produce payslips for your PA if you use HMRC's Basic Payroll Tools

Email help service

Contact us if you have any questions about operating PAYE tax/NIC for your employee


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