Trusts, VAT, tax credits and more…

On the main Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) website, we look at other tax and related benefit issues relevant to disabled people (and their carers).

This includes:

Help for employees – we explain some of the tax and tax credit related rules to support and encourage disabled people with work.

Help for employers – we cover things that it may be useful for someone employing a disabled person to understand, such as the Access to Work scheme.

Caring for someone – we look in detail at how unpaid carers may be able to claim carer’s allowance (and the impact that this may have on their tax position). We also look at carer’s credit – available to help unpaid carers protect their National Insurance record.

Apprenticeships and disability – the number of disabled people in apprenticeships is rising fast – here we look at apprenticeships in more detail.

VAT reliefs for disabled and older people – we look at ways that the costs of services and goods, such as mobility aids, can sometimes be lower for disabled people.

Trusts for disabled people – here we give you guidance on these special trusts and who can take advantage of them. 

We also look at the rules and concessions around council tax for disabled people and carers in our other tax issues section.

Tax matters generally can be complicated, and the special rules for disabled people are even more so. If you do not think we have covered what you wanted to know, or would like to tell us of your experiences so we might learn and try and get things changed, please do contact LITRG, who have created this site. For further information about LITRG see our About this site page.