What other information can I find on the LITRG site?

The website of the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has a tax guides section that explains the parts of the tax system that are most relevant to those on low incomes

Tax basics – This section gives basic information on the UK tax system and how to deal with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It also includes information on how to deal with things that go wrong in the tax system including appeals and complaints. 

Employment – This section is for people who are employed and want to understand how tax is paid on employment income. There is also information on National Insurance contributions, pensions, repayment of student loans and what to do if you go abroad to work temporarily. It also explains what to do if you pay too much or too little tax. 

Self-employment – This section is for people who are self-employed and want to understand more about how tax is paid on self-employed income. There is also information on registering as self-employed, working out whether you are self-employed or employed, how to work out profits, losses and capital allowances as well as information on National Insurance contributions and pensions for the self-employed. You will also find information on how to pay tax as a self-employed person. 

Pensioners – This section is for people who are approaching retirement or who have already retired. It explains what retirement income is, how tax is worked out and the allowances you may be entitled to. It also contains useful information to help you check your coding notices and what to do if you receive P800 from HMRC. There is also information on cashing in small pensions, retiring abroad and National Insurance. 

Bereavement – This section looks at the duties you may have to perform as an executor or personal representative as well as the tax consequences that may arise on death. 

Migrants – This section is for people coming to the UK. It contains a specially written guide and factsheets to help migrants understand their tax position. 

Disabled people and carers – You can find a breakdown of what information this section includes for disabled people and carers here. In this section, we also look at some of the pay and tax issues that you may face if you are a paid care worker. We also help foster carers and shared lives carers who may provide care to disabled people on a formal basis, understand how tax and National Insurance works for them.

Other tax issues – In this section, you will find information on non-taxpayers, savings and tax, property income, capital gains tax, council tax and rates and giving to charity.

Tax credits and benefits – This section gives a detailed overview of the tax credits system as well as basic information on state benefits including universal credit.

Childcare – This part of the website contains information about the different types of financial support that is available from the government to help with the costs of childcare.

LITRG also has a dedicated website for students. Tax Guide for Students is a specially written site that aims to help students understand tax, National Insurance and related issues. 

Finally, RevenueBenefits is a LITRG site for advisers, which provides detailed guidance, legislation, resources and policy documents relating to child benefit, national minimum wage, tax-free childcare, child trust funds, tax credits and the transition to universal credit.