Pensions regulator to produce a tool for auto enrolment calculations

Users of HMRC’s Basic Payroll Tool (BPT) software will be pleased to hear that the Pensions Regulator will release a tool – planned for November – to help users calculate the correct pension contributions for their personal assistant if they have to make pension provision for them under ‘auto enrolment.’ The new tool will calculate figures which can then be included in the BPT payroll submissions to HMRC.

Auto enrolment is an important area to be aware of if you employ personal assistants to help you with your care. It means that you may need to put your personal assistant into a workplace pension scheme if they are not in one already unless they opt out. You can find out more about auto enrolment by reading our factsheet.  

Basic Payroll tools, a free tool from HMRC, is unable to make the necessary calculations for pension contributions, and users have to input the calculations manually.

Unfortunately BPT will not be updated to enable auto enrolment calculations to be made, but this tool will enable users to identify staff who need to be auto enrolled, and make the necessary calculations.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the tool.