New pilot services for HMRC’s deaf customers

HMRC are working with the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) to make tax information and advice more accessible to deaf people.

Visitors to a new joint HMRC/RAD microsite can:

• Find information in British Sign Language (BSL) about general tax matters, tax credits, PAYE, child benefit and self-assessment

• Book a FREE webcam appointment in British Sign Language with RAD’s own Tax Adviser to solve problems with Tax or Tax Credits. If the RAD Tax Adviser needs guidance from HMRC to support the deaf customer, they will contact an HMRC adviser.

• Contact a British Sign Language interpreter using a webcam who will then talk to an HMRC adviser, thereby creating a three-way ‘real time’ conversation.

To watch an article about the new HMRC/RAD service in BSL go to:

Please note that we are currently in the process of confirming whether it is possible to obtain help with employer tax queries via this new service and will post any updates to this website as soon as possible.

In the meantime, details of other ways of contacting HMRC if you are a deaf or hearing impaired employer, such as by textphone or text relay can be found here: