HMRC to improve phone service

According to a recent press release, HMRC will be allocating £45 million to cover the cost of additional customer staff, in an effort to improve its call handling performance.

Call handling statistics for 2014/15, referred to in the press release, show that on average, only 72.5% per cent of calls were answered.

Lin Homer, HMRC Chief Executive, has accepted that standards had not been good enough, saying:

“Despite our best efforts, our call performance hasn’t been up to scratch and we apologise to all those customers who have struggled to get through to us.

“Good customer service is an absolute priority for HMRC. We set ourselves the target to answer 80 per cent of calls, to provide a more consistent level of service across the year and to reduce peaks and troughs in service levels between busy and quieter times.”

You can read HMRC’s press release in full here: HMRC acts to improve customer service