HMRC to continue to work with RAD to improve access for deaf customers


More information on the pilot can be found on our website.

Current services will continue, including the website where deaf people can:

  • find information on tax and tax credits in British Sign Language (BSL)
  • book a webcam appointment in British Sign Language with RAD’s own Tax Adviser to solve problems with tax or tax credits
  • contact a British Sign Language interpreter using a webcam who will then talk to an HMRC adviser, thereby creating a three-way ‘real time’ conversation.

Although there is currently no help with 'employer issues' available, the suite of services might be helpful in terms of a care and support employer's personal tax affairs.

Plans are under way to develop the service to give deaf customers even more control. A new website and a user-friendly “choose and book” app for advice and interpreting appointments, is scheduled to be ready in the new year.

You can find more information on contacting HMRC if you are deaf or hard of hearing on our website.