HMRC issue February ‘Employer Bulletin’

HMRC have issued the latest Employer Bulletin – ‘Your route to the latest in payroll news‘. In general, these bulletins contain lots of useful information to help employers meet their payroll obligations, such as updates on forthcoming changes to the rules and guidance in dealing with particular payroll issues.

This edition includes a couple of handy articles on page 2 and 3 which give should help you prepare for the end of the tax year. On page 9, HMRC list some of the supplementary products you might find useful at this time of year, including You Tube videos on how to send your final PAYE submission and how to issue P60s.

There is a reminder on page 11 that employers need to get ready for the increase in the National Minimum and National Living Wage on 1 April.

Tucked away on page 8 is an article entitled 'Direct Recovery of Debts on PAYE debts' which is worth a read. We plan to look at this topic in more detail in a forthcoming news piece.

Other topics in this edition, include:

  • P9 Notices of coding
  • The Apprenticeship levy
  • Changes to the valuation of Benefits in Kind
  • Forms P60 and P45
  • Paying HMRC
  • Scottish income tax update
  • Automatic enrolment updates
  • Student loan thresholds

The bulletin is well worth a read as it is the main way HMRC communicate with employers on a regular basis. It can be found on GOV.UK.