HMRC help and support for those employing people

HMRC has released new dates and times for live ‘webinars’ covering topics relating to employing people.

Webinars are online presentations that are broadcast to individuals through their computers via the Internet. You can also submit questions to the presenter during a webinar.

HMRC’s live webinars are free and last for about an hour. You will need to pre-register to access the live webinars at the times shown.  Some webinars are also pre-recorded and can be watched at any time.

Forthcoming webinar topics include:

  • Getting started as an employer
    19 June 2015, 11am to midday
    25 June 2015, 11am to midday

This webinar is aimed at new employers and those considering taking on their first employee. The webinar will cover registering with HMRC, taking on your first employee, doing your payroll, paying HMRC and other employer responsibilities;

  • PAYE using Basic PAYE Tools
    19 June 2015, 1pm to 2pm
    25 June 2015, 1pm to 2pm

A demonstration of Basic PAYE Tools, HMRC’s free payroll software for employers with up to ten employees;

  • Statutory Sick Pay
    24 June 2015, 11am to midday
    21 July 2015, 1pm to 2pm

This webinar explains to employers what happens when an employee is absent from work due to illness, how to decide if Statutory Sick Pay is appropriate and what help is available to calculate what Statutory Sick Pay is due;

Other webinar topics include:

  • Statutory payments for births
  • Employers – what’s new for 2015 to 2016
  • Employers: how to avoid in year penalties
  • National Minimum Wage for employers
  • Statutory Shared Parental Pay and Leave
  • Expenses and benefits for employers
  • Business record keeping

You can find out more and register for webinars on the GOV.UK website here

HMRC also run live webinars for care and support employers covering payroll and expenses and benefits if you have a personal assistant or carer - new dates are expected soon. Watch this space!