Check if you’re paying the minimum wage correctly – HMRC videos

HMRC have produced a series of four videos to help you check if you are paying the National Minimum Wage (NMW) correctly

The videos cover:

  1. When a worker is entitled to the minimum wage
  2. Different types of work for minimum wage purposes
  3. Common underpayment errors to look out for
  4. How to put things right if you find an underpayment

HMRC have also produced a bite sized presentation series aimed to help employers avoid common NMW errors. Each video is under 10 minutes long and covers a particular type of error.

  • Interns, work placements and the NMW
  • Apprentices and the NMW
  • Payments, deductions and the NMW
  • Unpaid working time and NMW
  • Accommodation and the National Minimum Wage
  • Sleep in shifts and NMW

All the videos can be found on GOV.UK.