Basic PAYE Tools survey

Between November 2018 and February 2019 HMRC will be emailing customers to invite them to take part in an online survey.

The email will come from

The online survey can be found here.

The Google Forms survey will help HMRC evaluate changes made to the Basic PAYE tools software including the relevant guidance.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous, it will not request any personal or financial information. All information given will be used for research purposes only.

This information is contained in an update to HMRC’s publication on recognising genuine HMRC contacts.

Any contact that you receive purporting to be from HMRC, that is not listed in this publication may well be bogus – sent out by fraudsters with the aim of extracting sensitive information from you. The key message is to be vigilant.

For more advice on dealing with bogus emails see GOV.UK.

For examples of emails, letters, text messages, and calls used by scammers and fraudsters to get your personal information see GOV.UK.