HMRC webinars

05 October, 2015: The latest HMRC webinars to help employers with various aspects of payroll and related matters carry on throughout October.

National Minimum Wage increase

29 September, 2015: Remember that from 1st October the new rates for the National Minimum Wage will apply.

Are you employing a migrant worker as a personal assistant?

28 September, 2015: If you employ workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) it is your responsibility to check that they have a right to work in the UK. If you inadvertently employ someone who does not have a right to work in the UK you may be charged a fine.

Warning for users of HMRC online services

23 September, 2015: HMRC are warning that from 30th September some users with older internet browsers will not be able to use HMRC online services. This change affects individuals and businesses who use HMRC’s online services to interact with HMRC and whose internet browsers do not support Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. This article explains more about the change.

Online help and support for employers from HMRC

23 September, 2015: HMRC continue to develop the help and support available to employers by electronic means and you can now use some or all of the following methods to obtain guidance from HMRC in connection with your obligations as an employer.

HMRC/RAD pilot service for deaf customers - update

28 August, 2015: Scope of new Joint HMRC/RAD pilot service for deaf customers

Pensions regulator to produce a tool for auto enrolment calculations

21 August, 2015: Users of HMRC’s Basic Payroll Tool (BPT) software will be pleased to hear that the Pensions Regulator will release a tool – planned for November – to help users calculate the correct pension contributions for their personal assistant if they have to make pension provision for them under ‘auto enrolment.’ The new tool will calculate figures which can then be included in the BPT payroll submissions to HMRC.

HMRC update their guidance for Basic Payroll Tools Users

10 August, 2015: HMRC have recently updated their User Guide for Basic Payroll Tools (BPT), the free payroll software provided by HMRC and used by many employers.

Attention paper filers

16 July, 2015: Your first RT2 for 2015/16 is due by 19 July – and do not forget to claim the Employment Allowance by filing an RT5 too!

Summer budget 2015

09 July, 2015: Yesterday in the summer budget, the Chancellor George Osborne stated that disability benefits will not be taxed or means tested.