How much will I get?

Know your budget

Once you have found out that you qualify for help to meet your needs, you will need to know how much you will get. Click on the questions below to find out more.


How much will I get?

There is no maximum or minimum amount of direct payments, the amount should be enough to cover your ‘eligible needs’ that are identified as part of the assessment process. That is why it is important to be sure the assessment has identified all of your needs.

However, Local Authorities are under pressure to make cuts and may feel that some services could be given to you for less by choosing a different provider and they may not be willing to pay the full amount if that is the case.

Will I have to contribute?

You may be asked to contribute towards your care package. After your assessment has been carried out you will be asked to have a financial assessment to find out what your needs are.

Each Local Authority has its own rules on how they assess, how much they charge and what income is taken into account.

Even if you do not have to make a financial contribution because of your income level, if you choose a more expensive service than your Local Authority have agreed to then you may have to pay the difference.

How is the money paid to me?

Each Local Authority has its own rules. Normally you will be asked to set up a separate bank account to receive the money. Most banks offer a basic account that you can use for direct payments. Even if you have a poor credit rating you should still be able to open a bank account and your Local Authority may give you a letter to give to the bank if you have any problems.

You will be told the arrangements by your Local Authority before the direct payments start.

Some Local Authorities will deduct your contribution before they make the payment to you and others will pay you the full amount and ask you to pay your contribution back to them separately.

If you agree to direct payments you will be expected to take responsibility for managing the money and keeping records. You can find out more about your responsibilities if you get direct payments on another page of our site. If you feel you need help dealing with the money or keeping records you should speak to your social worker who should refer you to a support agency.

Some Local Authorities are now using payment cards – this is like a debit card which has your direct payment money loaded onto it and you can use it to make payments.

Does the money I receive affect my other benefits and tax credits?

No, direct payments do not affect any benefits or tax credits that you receive.

Direct payments are not taxable.