Getting help with benefits

Information on where to find help, advice and support with benefit claims

The benefits system can be complicated and confusing. This page lists organisations who provide free advice, support and guidance on a range of benefit issues. Some offer free telephone advice others offer face to face advice with benefit queries.

It is a good idea to keep good records in relation to your benefit claims. You should keep a folder with all letters and award notices and make a note of any phone conversations you have about your benefits including the date and time of the phone call, who you spoke to and brief details of the call.

Click on the links below which will take you to the websites of the listed organisations:

Citizens Advice – a national organisation that often provides telephone and face to face advice through a network of Citizen Advice Bureaus.

Gingerbread – a charity supporting lone parents

Disability Rights UK – a charity supporting disabled people through a series of telephone helplines

Shelter – a charity that supports people with housing problems through a national helpline

Carers UK – a charity that supports unpaid carers

Age UK – a charity supporting older people with a network of locations that can offer face to face support

Advice NI – an organisation supporting claimants in Northern Ireland with tax and benefit enquiries.

Some local councils have welfare rights units who can provide help and support with benefit claims or problems and many towns have smaller organisations who also offer free, independent benefit advice.