This site is mostly to help employers of 'personal assistants' (PA) get things right. Personal assistants are paid to provide help and support to disabled people. Personal assistants are sometimes called 'care workers', 'paid carers' or just 'carers'.

However, there are many unpaid carers in the UK and you may have landed on this site if you are looking for information to help you in your role as an unpaid carer.  Many unpaid carers have never accessed any support to help them in their caring role. If you are an unpaid carer then this section of the site will give you basic information about a range of topics including taxes, benefits and pensions.

This part of the site is not intended to be a detailed guide, but to give an overview of things that might be helpful if you are an unpaid carer. We have also included links to where further help and advice may be obtained.

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