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Through this website we aim to provide help to users on tax and National Insurance issues related to taking on a personal assistant. If you have a question or comment about the website please fill in the form below.

How can our website help you?

The information on this website should help you:

  • Understand obligations to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) when taking on a personal assistant
  • Understand the different payroll filing options
  • Find out where to get further payroll advice and contact information for relevant parts of HMRC in connection with being a new employer
  • Understand rights (for example with regards to penalties) and obligations (for example time limits for registering as an employer) in relation to taking on a personal assistant
  • Find appropriate advice services that may be able to provide support, help and assistance

What does our website not do?

We are not able to provide individual advice or casework (such as dealing with appeals and complaints), telephone support, payroll support, business advice or recommend particular products or services in relation to Real Time Information (RTI).

We cannot offer advice on matters relating to care assessments, employment law or social security benefits.

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