Accessibility statement

We want our website to be accessible to everyone. We try to ensure that it is easy to find your way around and the text is written as simply as possible but with a view to retaining accuracy.

Our website endeavours to conform to level Double-A of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Changes you can make to this website

How to change the size of the text

Our website has a 'Text only' feature, which greatly increases text size and contrast. This can be found at the top of our website. Alternatively you can:

  • Select Text Size from the View menu. (In some browsers Text Size may be called Text Zoom or Zoom)
  • Choose the size that you want from the Text Size menu; or
  • Use Ctrl + or - to resize the text.

Accessibility advice for Apple Mac users

The Apple Mac operating system includes many accessibility options including resizing text, text-to-speech and keyboard alternatives to mouse functions.

For full details visit the Apple website's section on accessibility.

Other ways of using PDF documents

This site uses PDF files to display certain documents.

For more information, and full details of how to use this tool, visit: the Adobe website.

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More help with accessibility

If you need further help in making your computer easier to use AbilityNet have produced this useful guide.

Further help

Whilst LITRG strives to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability, it is not always possible to do so in all areas of the website. If you should you experience any difficulty in accessing or using this LITRG website, please don't hesitate to contact us.