Employing staff in more detail

Employee rights and the responsibilities of being an employer

This part of our website considers some of the main employment law rules for employees. We are not employment law experts but to be helpful we give you some basic information about the matters listed below and tell you where you can get further help.

It is important to understand that employment law is a complicated area. If you are unsure at all about your obligations, you should ensure you take proper advice based on your circumstances rather than acting or refraining to act based on any of the content here. This may be from your Independent Living adviser/centre or the direct payments team in your Local Authority (or other part of government), from ACAS or from a local lawyer. As an employer you are likely to need employer's insurance. Some insurance companies offer access to employment law specialists as part of their employer policies.

You should also be aware that employment law is constantly changing, and it is important as an employer to keep up to date.  ACAS provide a general round up of forthcoming employment law changes, to help people understand imminent changes and their potential impact. It is probably a good idea to check for any updates regularly.

Some law firms and other consultancy firms that specialise in employment matters, also provide free newsletter updates and employment law briefings that you can sign up to – an internet search on ‘recent’ employment law changes’ or similar, should provide you with some options.

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